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Hello to Our Newest Partner

Meet David Pope, lead representative for our newest Convergence Technology Center partner college, Ozarks Technical Community College. David holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Missouri State University. Prior to joining OTC, David worked in hospital information systems for five years, and has worked in collections, legal investigation, and game design. Currently, David teaches […]


Sharing Best Practices

The National Convergence Technology Center (CTC) manages a community of practice called the Convergence College Network (CCN). The CCN is a cohort of 45+ community colleges and universities from around the country that share best practices and receive CTC benefits and resources. The goal is to enhance the CCN’s IT programs. Quarterly meetings are one […]


The Revolution of the Stereotype “IT Guy”

Throughout BILT (Business and Industry Leadership Team) and KSA (Knowledge, Skills and Abilities) meetings, it’s become abundantly clear that IT employers are putting more emphasis on the need for what we in the industry call “soft skills” but after the CCN’s most recent webinar with NetApp’s Matt Brown, Infrastructure Business Relationship Manager for IT Business […]


Teaching Soft Skills Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

It’s no surprise that a popular topic at any Convergence College Network (CCN) discussion – especially those involving our Business and Industry Leadership Team (BILT) – is the value of “soft skills.” It’s one thing for students to get the IT training, but employers are looking for more than technical know-how. As one faculty member […]

NetApp tour

A Look Into the Future of IT

Instructors from Convergence College Network (CCN) member schools recently enjoyed a special treat during the HI TEC conference in Portland, Oregon.  NetApp –  a multi-billion-dollar data storage and management company with 12,000 employees around the world – arranged a special presentation and facility tour at its new data center in Hillsboro, just 15 minutes west […]


Ride ‘Em, NetRiders

We always like to hear about accomplishments of students from our Convergence College Network (CCN) member schools. Belicia Miraval Albornoz, an instructor at El Centro College in Dallas, send word to us about recent success three of her IT students had at Cisco’s NetRiders competition. NetRiders is an online interactive contest that utilizes Cisco’s web […]


What is the CCN?

The CTC (National Convergence Technology Center) focuses on four areas of Training, Leadership, Student Recruitment and Retention, and Community. Training involves professional development events and resources; leadership is our BILT where we work with business professionals to see the trends in needed skills and abilities they want to see in graduates and how we can […]


Outside-the-Box Marketing

One discussion at a recent conference call meeting of the Convergence College Network (CCN) involved creative marketing strategies.  Every IT program needs to attract students and keep them enrolled, but there’s not always a surplus of budget money or marketing personnel available to help with those efforts.  In hearing some of the clever ways our […]

Cross-border Collaboration

Just last week, our very own PI, Dr. Ann Beheler presented at a technology conference unlike any other she has presented at in the past. What was so special about this conference, you may ask?  Well, this particular event happened to be in Banff, Alberta, Canada. The Cybera Cyber Summit 2014 was a two day […]