Making Sure High School Students Know About IT Careers


One of the goals of the National Convergence Technology Center (CTC) is to help improve student recruitment efforts in IT programs at community colleges, particularly underserved populations.  Without question, high schools serve as the biggest source of incoming students, but there remains a nagging sense that many suitable high school students may not be aware of the job opportunities or career pathways in the IT industry. Indeed, on more than one occasion, the CTC has heard anecdotally that high school advisors and faculty too often by default steer students to four-year universities.

The CTC’s annual review panel – called the National Visiting Committee (NVC) – recently suggested that a tool be developed to help strengthen the awareness of IT education and careers among high school staff, faculty, and counselors.  To that end, three CTE (career technical education) experts – from three different education levels – were recruited to share their perspectives and resources in a short 30-minute webinar.  A big thank you to Kathryn Beasley from the University of North Texas, Deborah Crawford from Melissa ISD, and Lauren Potterfield from Collin College for their help.

To set the stage, the webinar begins with some metrics on the current state of the IT industry, which is in desperate need of skilled technician workers.  Thousands of well-paying jobs are going unfilled in a field that will only continue to boom in the next ten years.  High school students need to know about these opportunities.

You can access the slides here and view the webinar below.


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