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IT Fundamentals – IT Fun

NOTE:  Note that the National CTC was funded by an NSF ATE grant.  As such, curriculum is intended for use solely by educators of North American secondary and post-secondary institutions. To access the content, visit the CTC's public "Curriculum" legacy drive.

Description: This course provides an introductory exploration of the differences between computer engineering, computer science, and IT with the goal of helping students better understand the career paths those disciplines provide. The foundation for this course is CompTIA’s IT Fundamentals certification. Each week explores a specific topic and looks at the jobs and roles in that space.

Course Outcomes: By the end of this course, students will be able to…

1. Describe common threats to data confidentiality, data integrity, and data availability on computing devices (from smartphones to networks of interconnected computers) and identify common mitigation efforts to safeguard against such threats.
2. Establishing Network Connectivity – Identify and describe the devices, standards, and protocols used in wired and wireless networking ranging from local area networks to internet communication technologies.
3. Programming Fundamentals – Compare and contrast various programming languages and paradigms used in a vast array of computing operations ranging from handheld devices to database administration to securing networks.

IT Fundamentals Introduction
Information Technology Basic
Computer Hardware
Computer Software
Internet Technologies
Information Systems
IT Career Prep

Please remember this curriculum is copyrighted material and is intended for public education use only.

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