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Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling
Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators answer the question, “How do we know when a task is performed well?”

A search was performed to locate validated/verified KPIs for technician level work in IT fields. Sources included the Texas Skill Standards System, National Skill Standards Board, National Institute of Standards and Technology and other sources. The identified KPIs were then cross-referenced to the tasks for the ITSS 2020 job clusters. They were reviewed and revised by a group of the same subject matter experts who developed the tasks and KSAs for the cluster in a structured, facilitated verification session.


*Anyone is welcome to use, modify, and/or distribute ITSS findings and data, but you must give clear attribution to the source of this material by citing “IT Skill Standards 2020 and Beyond (NSF ATE project grant DUE 1838535).”

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