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Infrastructure Connectivity, Management and Engineering
Employability Skills

Employability competencies are essential for every IT job and are based on what the work requires. SMEs were offered three clearly-defined “levels of proficiency” for each employability skill.

The proficiency scale is defined as Level 1 – basic; Level 2- intermediate; and Level 3 - advanced. The levels are cumulative, so a “Level 3” assumes the employee can perform all characteristics of “Level 1” and “Level 2.”

For each employability skill, SMEs selected the competency level that best aligned with what would be expected from an entry-level worker for the job cluster in question.

The graphic below presents the level of each employability skill as voted on by the SMEs.


*Anyone is welcome to use, modify, and/or distribute ITSS findings and data, but you must give clear attribution to the source of this material by citing “IT Skill Standards 2020 and Beyond (NSF ATE project grant DUE 1838535).”

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