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ITSS 2020 is working with hundreds of industry leaders to identify draft IT Skill Standards for the 8-10 most critical IT/Cybersecurity job clusters. The skill standards document the skills, knowledge and performance standards employers will expect from workers 12-36 months into the future. This forward-facing approach will help educators align curriculum with future industry needs.

As the ITSS 2020 draft sets of skill standards are completed, we welcome comments from subject matter experts that will drive quarterly revisions to the drafts to keep them up-to-date. You may use the drafts without registering.

Benefits of Providing Input 

• Widen the workforce pipeline of right-skilled workers
• Provide college faculty with up-to-date information
• Inform the development impactful IT curriculum
• Keep IT skill standards current through regular updates

• Help develop student learning outcomes
• Contribute to widening the workforce pipeline of in-demand workers

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