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Secure E-Commerce

NOTE: Because the National CTC is an NSF ATE center grant, access to the complete curriculum is limited to educators of North American secondary and post-secondary institutions.

To request the complete curriculum, please email Mark Dempsey at
Please put "curriculum request" in the subject line and in the body of the email provide the following information: name, job title, phone number, email, and academic institution.


Description:  This course covers topics including electronic commerce technology, models and issues, with emphasis on security issues. Supporting technology such as cryptography, digital signatures, certificates and public key infrastructure (PKI). Security-conscious programming for web-based applications. Exposure to interaction between technical issues and business, legal and ethical issues.

Course Outcomes:  By the end of this course, students will be able to…
• Create a sample secure web development environment, with exposure to current technologies including JSON, PHP, JavaScript, html, and SQL.
• Evaluate how cryptography can be used to support confidentiality and integrity of electronic transmissions and transactions and integrate SSL into the sample site.
• Implement electronic transaction and payment systems in a sample e-commerce site
• Implement basic network and system security and a typical electronic commerce setting of networks and hosts.
• Describe user interface and design issues and their interaction with technical issues.

Textbook:  None – all resources are online

Week 1 - Introduction and Tools
Week 2 - HTML and CSS
Week 3 - Javascript
Week 4 - Databases and SQL
Week 5 - PHP
Week 6 - Server Setup
Week 7 - Installing WooCommerce
Week 8 - Midterm
Week 9 - Spring Break
Week 10 - Security
Week 11 - Cryptography
Week 12 - Secure Socket Layer / TLS
Week 13 - Frontend / Payment
Week 14 - OAuth 2 / Authorization and Authentication
Week 15 - PHP Security
Week 16 - Final Exam

Please remember this curriculum is copyrighted material and is intended for public education use only.

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