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Voice Over IP II Curriculum

NOTE:  Note that the National CTC was funded by an NSF ATE grant.  As such, curriculum is intended for use solely by educators of North American secondary and post-secondary institutions. To access the content, visit the CTC's public "Curriculum" legacy drive.

Major Topic Covered PowerPoint Learning Activity
Introduction to Cisco Unified Communications: Clustering, Installation and Updating2009 VoIP II - PP 1 - Introduction to VoIP II.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 1 - Introduction to VoIP II.docx
Configuring Cicsco Catalyst Switches2009 VoIP II - PP 2 - Router and Switch Configuration & Software Installation.pptx2009 VoIP II - LA 2 - Router and Switch Configuration & Software Installation.doc
Device Pool Setup2009 VoIP II - PP 3 - Device Pool Setup.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 3 - Device Pool Setup.doc
Configuring Cisco Unified Communications (Callmanager) to support IP Phones; Configuring Gateways and Trunking; Configuring the Management Assistant Feature2009 VoIP II - PP 4 - Advanced Routing Switch Config MGCP basic phone setup.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 4 - Advanced Routing Switch Config MGCP basic phone setup.doc
Setting up Call Restrictions and Control for multi-site Operations; Configuring Attendant Console Feature2009 VoIP II - PP 5 - Create and Configure Partitions & CSC.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 5 - Create and Configure Partitions & CSC.doc
Route Plan Basics; Advanced Routing Plans2009 VoIP II - PP 6 - Route Plans.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 6 - Route Plans.doc
Configuring Hunt Groups2009 VoIP II - PP 7 - Create & Configure Hunt Groups.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 7 - Create & Configure Hunt Groups.doc
Telephone Clients and Administrative Tools; Media Resources; Configuring Client Features2009 VoIP II - PP 8 - Media Resource Group List.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 8 - Media Resource Group List.doc

Please remember this curriculum is copyrighted material and is intended for public education use only.

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