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Voice Over IP II Curriculum

NOTE: Because the National CTC is a NSF ATE center grant, access to the complete curriculum is limited to educators of North American secondary and post secondary institutions. Available below is the syllabus, the outline of learning activities and powerpoint presentations as well as a links to sample learning activities and powerpoint presentations.

To request the complete curriculum, please email Mark Dempsey at Please put "curriculum request" in the subject line and in the body of the email provide the following information: Your name, job title, phone number, email, and academic institution (with mailing address).

Major Topic Covered PowerPoint Learning Activity
Introduction to Cisco Unified Communications: Clustering, Installation and Updating2009 VoIP II - PP 1 - Introduction to VoIP II.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 1 - Introduction to VoIP II.docx
Configuring Cicsco Catalyst Switches2009 VoIP II - PP 2 - Router and Switch Configuration & Software Installation.pptx2009 VoIP II - LA 2 - Router and Switch Configuration & Software Installation.doc
Device Pool Setup2009 VoIP II - PP 3 - Device Pool Setup.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 3 - Device Pool Setup.doc
Configuring Cisco Unified Communications (Callmanager) to support IP Phones; Configuring Gateways and Trunking; Configuring the Management Assistant Feature2009 VoIP II - PP 4 - Advanced Routing Switch Config MGCP basic phone setup.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 4 - Advanced Routing Switch Config MGCP basic phone setup.doc
Setting up Call Restrictions and Control for multi-site Operations; Configuring Attendant Console Feature2009 VoIP II - PP 5 - Create and Configure Partitions & CSC.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 5 - Create and Configure Partitions & CSC.doc
Route Plan Basics; Advanced Routing Plans2009 VoIP II - PP 6 - Route Plans.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 6 - Route Plans.doc
Configuring Hunt Groups2009 VoIP II - PP 7 - Create & Configure Hunt Groups.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 7 - Create & Configure Hunt Groups.doc
Telephone Clients and Administrative Tools; Media Resources; Configuring Client Features2009 VoIP II - PP 8 - Media Resource Group List.ppt2009 VoIP II - LA 8 - Media Resource Group List.doc

Please remember this curriculum is copyrighted material and is intended for public education use only.

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