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Staff from the National Convergence Technology Center (CTC) recently attended the National Career Pathways Network’s annual conference in Orlando to deliver a breakout presentation on the successful “BILT model” and the new 16-page Implementing the BILT Model of Business Engagement toolkit.  You can find our “Engaging with Employers and Getting Students Workforce Ready” presentation slide deck here.

Automate This


Aside from that presentation, we attended breakout sessions and keynote addresses. Below are a few of the more interesting and memorable practices and lessons we heard.

  1. Context is important in the classroom. If students know why they’re doing it, they’re more apt to be interested and engaged in what they are doing.
  1. One creative way to boost student employability skills is to send them to a trade show. Their assignment is to meet people, make connections, gather business cards, then come back to class and give a short presentation to their peers about one thing they found particularly fascinating.
  1. The K-16 pipeline continues to suffer leaks.One studney reports that among ninth graders entering high school in New York City, 78% graduated high school. Only 57% enrolled in college or training and just 23% graduated with college or training within six years.
  1. One way to consider employability skills beyond technical know-how: look over the Third Way’s “Automate This” poster that charts the skills workers will need in the digital, automated economy. Uniquely human abilities cannot be automated. Which of these skills is your program not teaching? What might you change to address any gaps?
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