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802.11ac is finally here


If you don’t already know about 802.11ac, InformationWeek provides an overview of this new wireless standard.

According to the article, which of these statements are myth and which are fact?

  1. 802.11ac performance advantages are minimal
  2. 802.11ac requires ripping and replacing my wired infrastructure
  3. Not many 802.11ac clients are available
  4. 802.11ac is 5 GHz only and leaves 2.4 GHz clients stranded
  5. The first wave of 802.11ac will be short-lived

All are untrue, of course.

Take a look at the Convergence College Network’s very own Bill Saichek and Karl Dietrich providing an overview of wireless, which includes a discussion of standards.  This was a talk they gave at last year’s HI TEC.

And  check out this technical white paper provided by Cisco for more in-depth info on the new standard.


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