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Collin College has a Very Special Trailer


The National Convergence Technology Center (CTC) recently hosted a meeting for its annual National Visiting Committee (NVC), the panel of educators and industry experts that evaluate the progress of NSF-funded Advanced Technological Education centers like the CTC. Part of the NVC’s discussion focused on the need for high school guidance counselors to better understand the technical careers that a community college education can offer.  Too often, high school advisors focus solely on four-year universities.

The next day, CTC staffers found a large trailer parked outside its offices. It was a fortuitous bit of timing that proved Collin College is already working on bridging the gap between high schools and community colleges.  The trailer is intended to be taken to high school campuses in Collin County for orientation/registration events.  The laptop workstations inside the trailer are intended to help students get admission information, learn more about programs, and sign up for classes.  It’s an advising center on wheels.  In addition, the trailer was parked at the Preston Ridge campus as part of a half-day event hosting high school counselors from all over the county for keynotes and breakout sessions.  The goal was to teach the counselors about Collin College offerings and how their students might benefit from enrolling.

Photos of the trailer were sent to the NVC members, who were understandably thrilled to see a concrete solution to a problem they’d be discussing just 18 hours earlier.

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