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Coronavirus Sparks Opportunities for CyberCriminals

Hooded computer hacker stealing information with laptop on colored studio background

Hooded computer hacker stealing information with laptop…

Considering the Coronavirus spreading throughout the world, an article posted on CompTIA’s blog entitled In the News… Obstacles, Opportunities Emerge from Outbreak Fears advises everyone to be watchful of cybercriminals lurking to deceive fearful individuals. According to the article, cybercriminals are sending out fictitious emails, texts and social media post to capture personal information.

In addition to CompTIA warning individuals and companies of the various cyberthreats happening due to this devastating time in our world, Infosecurity, another IT online resource, also warns of the Medusa Effect. What is that? The Medusa Effect in IT is when companies, like the mythical Medusa story, would rather not face a cyberthreat all together; therefore, ignoring the warnings and effects it could have on their company, versus being proactive and creating a process or plan to help their company sustain.  The article recommends companies to:

  • Understand their business. Security expert should learn a process that analyzes natural or man-made incidents such as business impact analysis (BIA).
  • Create a plan and update it often, an “operable business continuity plan” so that the essential part of your company may resume somewhat to normal business.

Similar to society being informed to take precaution by washing your hands, covering when coughing and refraining from being in crowded areas; the IT industries are being advised to take precaution and be aware of cyberthreats by reviewing their continuity plan, if you don’t have one start creating…

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