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Emerging Technologies Discussion

There were so many great sessions this year at HI-TEC, and thankfully Helen Sullivan shared her notes with us from one of the sessions she attended: the Emerging Technologies Lightening Round. Check out these links below to all of the fascinating technologies they explored.

Not sure if any of you were at the Lightning Round at HI-TEC, but one of the devices they mentioned was something developed by GE to measure calories of food on your plate.  Alas, it measures blended foods right now, but solids are the next group they’ll tackle. Fascinating.

The HAL 9000 (named after the computer in “2001: A Space Odyssey” monitors your home. Sensor at doorbell that has video camera and connects to your cell phone.)

Electronic wearable tattoo (can be removed) to measure things like blood pressure, skin hydration, etc.

Electronic lollipop that can simulate any taste (but you don’t get the pesky calories!)

3-D windpipe that is the beginning of what’s coming in the way of 3-D body parts. (There was also a special on this recently on one of the TV news magazines.)

Artkick, where you can use your TV, phone or tablet as a “frame” to display art.

Wireless toilet occupancy sensor. Not sure how much I should comment on this one…

Button on fridge to order pizza:!brnUEw

Thanks again to Helen for sharing these links from the session!

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