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Free 5G module content available

The National Convergence Technology Center’s (CTC) now has available new classroom resources to support teaching 5G concepts. These module tools were funded by the CTC’s National Science Foundation grant and developed by Gordon Snyder from Holyoke Community College, Bill Saichek from San Jose State University, and Chris Kadlec from Georgia Southern University.

This material has been successfully “test driven” in a handful of classes and the response from students has been positive. Students are often familiar with 5G only from what they see on AT&T and Verizon commercials. Bill believes the 5G module could be a good fit for a CCNA 1 class or an Internet of Things class (which is where he’s been testing it).

Specifically, this module contains…

A detailed “readme” document outlining all of the material

Lecture resources, including a 54-minute pre-rerecorded presentation by Gordon (in both .mov and .mp4 formats), the presentation slides as a separate PDF, and two supporting documents – an instructor guide and a “What Is 5G?” overview.

Highlights of the presentation include…
* 5G data traffic and speed projections
* 5G use cases
* 5G’s place on the electromagnetic spectrum
* 5G latency
* 5G modulation – OFDM and QAM
* 5G antennas
* 5G network slicing

Virtual labs developed by Bill and Chris to show session establishment and packet traffic that would be cost-prohibitive using hands-on hardware.

To request access to this content, email Mark Dempsey.


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