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PHOTOS: ATE PI Conference 2014

Last week, the CTC grant staff, partners and students attended the 2014 ATE PI Conference in Washington, DC. Great sessions, great speakers and great conversations made this conference one of the best yet! It was wonderful to hear about all of the exciting things the NSF ATE centers and projects are doing. Having a yearly forum to share information about all different aspects of running grants and programs, like engaging industry and leveraging other grants, is so important. And just as important is being able to network and engage with others to share ideas and best practices. We had a great time at the conference and are looking forward to next year!

ATE-PI_001 ATE-PI_002 ATE-PI_004 ATE-PI_020 ATE-PI_022 ATE-PI_025 ATE-PI_026 ATE-PI_030 ATE-PI_037 ATE-PI_049 ATE-PI_052 ATE-PI_062 ATE-PI_066 ATE-PI_068 ATE-PI_075 ATE-PI_083 ATE-PI_086 ATE-PI_088 ATE-PI_093 ATE-PI_096 ATE-PI_098 ATE-PI_099 ATE-PI_103 ATE-PI_110

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