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PHOTOS: Summer Working Connections North 2014

Working Connections North Class of 2014

Working Connections North Class of 2014


Summer Working Connections North was held at the campus of Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wisconsin. Over the week, attendees enjoyed the hospitality and facilities, while getting their hands dirty in one of the three track topics that were offered: Intro to Digital Forensics, Ethical Hacking and NDG NetLab+ Setup and Operation. In addition to the tracks, guests enjoyed ample networking opportunities provided over breakfast and lunch each day. It was a great week and we would like to thank everyone who attended, and especially everyone at FVTC who helped make it happen!!

Here are just a few of the great things attendees had to say about this event!

“The instructor was excellent. The staff was great. Discussions with other instructors were very helpful”

“Comfortable environment with good instructor,along with technical explanation inclusive of hands-on.”

“Fantastic experience! I only wish I had the time and means to attend multiple Working Connections in summer as well as winter.”

“I would highly recommend the WC training to other instructors.”

“This was one of the best teachers’ classes I took. The topic was interesting and Mike Masino was very knowledgeable I have always wanted to learn more about how hackers do their dirty work, now I know or at least I know where to go to get more information. I can know provide more in-depth labs on these topics in my security classes. Thank you.”

“It was a fantastic professional development experience. Curt Chambers was a fantastic instructor. Thank you for this opportunity!”

“Craig had excellent enthusiasm for the course content, and taught it very well. The best component is that I am now confidant that I am able to acquire a dead image of most hard drives and perform forensic analysis on those drives.”




Welcome to Fox Valley Technical College!


Attendees network during breakfast and registration on the first day.


A lovely gift from Fox Valley Technical College for the attendees!


CTC PI, Ann Beheler, greets attendees during breakfast


CTC Co-PI, Elizabeth Halweg, welcomes guests to Summer Working Connections North.


Fox Valley Technical College’s Information Technology department were the hosts for Summer Working Connections North

Diving into the classes



Attendees work hands-on in the system on the first day of the workshop.


The instructor, Curt Chambers, shares his experiences implementing the NetLab+ environment at his institution, Madison Area Technical College.


NetLab+ interface


Attendees learn how to thwart hackers, by thinking like them in the Ethical Hacking track


Attendees get hands on with hacking and tracking tools

Soup’s on!



Everyone enjoying the networking opportunities during lunch.


Fox Valley Technical College’s Dean of Information Technology, Ann Haberkorn, welcomes the attendees on the first day.


Ann Beheler tells the attendees at lunch about how the CTC grant has evolved over time.


Not only did she talk about CTC, but she shared info about the CCN too.


Bill Saichek, CTC Co-PI from Orange Coast College, shares tips for building a lab on $5 a day


He spoke about his experience and things he has learned while building his lab at OCC.


Everyone was really engaged


A great big thank you goes out to the WONDERFUL women who helped organize and host Summer Working Connections North
(L to R): Beth Malott, Barb Wilkenson, Ann Beheler, and Elizabeth Halweg

Facilities Tour



FVTC has a student run help desk, that not only provides a service to the community, but gives students hands-on experience.


Elizabeth Halweg shows Ann Beheler one of the classrooms where IT classes are held.


IT and Networking classroom


Just one of the many racks of networking equipment FVTC has for students.


What a brightly colored room!


Computer hardware used in teaching PC repair

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