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Plug into a national network of IT faculty

The National Convergence Technology Center (CTC) is looking for new member institutions to join the Convergence College Network (CCN), an IT educator community of practice. As of now, the CCN consists of 94 institutions across 34 states – 88 community colleges, ten universities, and one high school. We want to get that number to 100! The CCN convenes quarterly to formally share best practices and discuss common challenges, but educator members frequently develop strong relationships that lead to collaborations outside of those regular meetings. CCN members are also invited to attend the CTC’s many professional development events.

Group photo of CCN educators posed on a Collin Colleg stairwell during the July 2019 in-person meeting.

There is no fee to join the CCN. Members attend and engage as much or as little as their interest or schedule allows. Download an application here.

Consider these recent quotes from active CCN member educators.

“The CTC has allowed us to connect with others and rapidly ramp new courses up and modify existing courses.” – Arkansas

“Before the National CTC, it was difficult to connect with others trying to do the same things we were trying to do.” – California

“Our Internet of Things class was developed from scratch using resources provided by the National CTC.” – Oklahoma

Specific membership benefits include:

* Free faculty professional development
* Travel reimbursement help to attend professional development training and education conferences
* Robust resource wiki
* Industry job skills and trends feedback via the CTC’s quarterly BILT (Business and Industry Leadership Team)
* Training to implement the BILT model and maximize relationship with your employers
* Free virtual labs

Note that a Summer 2022 survey (n=56) of CCN faculty rated “access to curriculum and best practices of other CCN programs” as the most impactful CCN membership benefit. In that same survey, 53% reported feeling “connected” or “very connected” to other CCN faculty. Getting plugged into a national network of like-minded IT faculty is invaluable.

Learn more about how the CCN works by watching this 19-minute video.

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