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Student Feature: Robert Cazares

Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Robert Cazares was always into computers and electronic technology. He is currently attending El Centro, Dallas Community College’s downtown Dallas campus, pursuing an Associates in Networking. “I went to their website, I looked at their IT programs and I didn’t know at the time that they offered so many IT programs,” Robert said. “So my intention was that, I wanted to try something new, try a new career in something that I like.”

Robert knew that he would always end up in technology in some way. “My brother’s a Histotechnician, so I would have been some kind of technician, regardless if its PC repair… automotive technician or so,” but it is more in the IT field that Robert identifies himself. “It seemed that for several years, I’ve been pretty much the helpdesk technician for my family and friends.”

When Robert decided that he wanted to pursue a career in IT, he jumped right into it. “I took the plunge, I committed myself and I was wondering if I was going to be able to provide the outcome that I wanted at school… So far it’s been so good.”

It’s been a great experience for Robert. He’s even been able to try some new things. “There [are] so many aspects of the courses that I’ve been taking… all the simulation software that they have at our school… There’s so many programs, software that I’ve never tried.”

So far he’s gotten his first Microsoft certification and eventually, he plans on getting his Cisco CCNA. “Personally, I believe that it’s helped me identify myself more as a career, as an IT person.” Robert clearly has his eye on the goal. He knows exactly what he wants and he’s going headfirst into that dream. “I think there’s a saying that says, ‘Choose something that you like doing, a job that you like doing and you’ll never work a day in your life again.’”



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