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Students Attend STEM Educator Conference

The National Convergence Technology Center (CTC) has long been one of the sponsors of the annual High Impact Technology Exchange Conference (HI-TEC). This past summer, the conference was in Salt Lake City, but it’s been all over the country. Recent HI-TEC conferences assembled in Pittsburgh, Portland, Chicago, and Austin. One of the unique features of the HI-TEC conference is its poster section, a chance for select attendees to post information on a bulletin board in one corner of the exhibit hall to showcase a specific project or tool. The National CTC uses these opportunities to bring successful IT networking students from its partner schools to present a poster on an IT topic or solution.

This summer, we welcomed students Michael Cyrus from Collin College and Olivia Hughes from the University of North Texas. Both were recently featured in National CTC “one minute student profiles” videos, which you can view here. Their posters are below. Olivia presented an overview of her capstone program project, a social media application called LocalNomads. Michael presented a detailed networking schematic for a multi-city corporation.


We talked to Olivia about her experience at HI-TEC:

“I presented my poster to educators as well as a few industry executives.  Some were technology experts, others were not.  Having the opportunity to explain my project to both sets was good practice in presenting to different groups.  I gained insight from the people I spoke to on how to improve my final product.  During the conference, I had the opportunity to make a variety of contacts that could help me in the future.  I would definitely recommend conferences like these to other students.  It was great practice in presenting to people you are unfamiliar with, which is a good skill for when you enter the workforce.”

Michael and Olivia join a long line of other past HI-TEC student posters, including…

Comfort Benton’s (Collin College) enterprise network topology and Divya Tomar’s (El Centro) “Designing a Reliable and Effective Network for a Small Company” in 2016.

Edward Spagnoli’s (Collin College) enterprise LAN redesign and Mauricio Agular’s (El Centro) “Migrating from a Live OSPF Routing Protocol to EIGRP with Cisco VIRL” in 2015.

Chelsea Hall-Fitzgerald’s (Collin College) “Enterprise network expansion plan;” Ramon Alvarez’ (Georgia Southern University) “Using Cloud-Based Labs;” and Tim Savala’s “CCNP – Delivery of Enterprise Solutions to Branch Offices” in 2014.

Laurel Phillips’ (Collin College) “World of Clouds” and Belicia Miraval-Albornoz’ (El Centro) “Cisco Professional Configuration – InterVLAN Routing using the Cloud;” and James Glenn’s (University of North Texas) “TrueID security application” in 2013.


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