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Summer Working Connections 2015 Preview

SWCTexas2015PreviewSummer is almost here and that means it’s almost time for Working Connections. This year, our 15th summer, we have two: Working Connections South, June 15-19 in Jacksonville, FL and Working Connections Texas, July 13-17 in Frisco, TX.

The goal of Working Connections is to provide faculty attendees with the expertise needed to teach their respective track in a subsequent semester, bringing the most current information to their classrooms either as a stand-alone course or as a supplement to an existing course.  There is also the added value of putting so many IT instructors together in the same venue, which allows for networking and the sharing of best practices. One of our favorite moments is when we happen to overhear two instructors from different states – who might not otherwise ever cross paths – discuss the classes they teach and share strategies about how they teach them.

Working Connections’ cutting-edge, cost-effective professional development program for IT faculty continues to thrive as one of the National Convergence Technology Center’s crown jewels. To date, Working Connections has influenced over 600 attendees at 24 events that have impacted an estimated 54,000+ students in 53 topics.

This year’s topics at Summer Working Connections South include: Microsoft Public Cloud Services, VMWare and Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

At Summer Working Connections Texas, this year’s topics include: Hacking Mobile Devices, Intro to Python Scripting, Linux+, Microsoft Public Cloud Services, NetApp Storage and Data Management, vSphere 5.5 and new this year: The Think Tank, which will give tips and tools to increase your enrollments, strengthen your curriculum, improve your practices as well as relationships with local business and industry leaders.

The new Think Tank track will also include a field trip to a local business and teach schools how to put together their own BILT (Business and Industry Leadership Team) advisory panel. This track, along with Python Scripting, vSphere, Linux+ and Hacking Mobile Devices are among our most popular with Hacking Mobile Devices and the online option for Linux+ already closed and wait-listed.

All together, we have over 100 attendees signed up for Working Connections Texas, but there is still room for you! You can read more about Working Connections and register here.

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