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Summer Working Connections Starts Today

Working Connections, an annual professional development event for IT faculty hosted by the National Convergence Technology Center (CTC), launched earlier today. We’re welcoming 139 faculty members from 23 states to take a five-day, deep dive into one of six specific topics. The goal is that these attendees will take this training back home and immediately implement it in the classroom by either updating an existing course or developing a new course. Working Connections is all about student impact. While Working Connections has traditionally been an in-person event at Collin College, the pandemic has moved the training online this year and last year. Hopefully, we can get together again in person in 2022. (The first Working Connections event in North Texas was held at Richland College outside Dallas in 2002, which means next year we’ll be celebrating the event’s 20th anniversary. It will be a party for sure.) 

In the meanwhile, we produced a short video showcasing the enduring success and impact of Working Connections.

You can find more Working Connections “by the numbers” below:

4 states hosting Working Connections events – Florida, Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin
11 Winter Working Connections events since its inception in 2010
29 Summer Working Connections events since 2002
37 states have sent faculty members to Working Connections since 2004
40 Working Connections events (including Summer and Winter) since 2002
62 subject matter expert instructors since 2002
72% of faculty attendees over last six years were repeat attendees
75% of attendees – on average – over the last seven years chose a topic they weren’t already teaching
119 track topics since 2002
147 attendees since 2002 have attended five or more times – the record-holder has attended 24 times
178 days of total Working Connections training (Summer and Winter) since 2002
271 record-high attendees in calendar year 2020 (184 in Summer, 87 Winter) because Summer was offered online for the first time, thus dramatically expanding its reach
276 educational organizations (universities, community colleges, school districts) have sent faculty members to Working Connections since 2004
462 new degrees or certificates developed using Working Connections content since 2008
2512 attendee enrollments at Working Connections for those 939 faculty members since 2002
13,389 courses taught using Working Connections training since 2008
149,015 students impacted by Working Connections training since 2008

As you attend 2021 Summer Working Connections, let us know what you think by using our hashtag #summerWC21 .

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