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STEM Female Bias Concerns in K-5

We all know women in STEM can be the victim of bias in college classrooms and employer conference rooms and labs.  But a recent article in The New York Times points to research that suggests that this sort of gender bias might extend to the elementary school classroom.  A study in Israel showed that teachers…

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2014 Fall Conference Previews

It is a great privilege to be involved with so many different, high-quality conferences each year. The opportunities to share information, meet new people and have really great discussions on different topics relating to IT education, are some of the many reasons we participate in these events. This fall will be busy for us as…

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STEMtech in the ATL

After working for a year now at the National Convergence Technology Center (CTC), I’ve not gone through the cycle of conferences. (I’m helping now prepare for our involvement in the November 15 Texas Community College Technology Forum, which is where things were when I started last November. Circle of life.) Of all the conferences the…

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October conference preview

By the end of 2013, National Convergence Technology Center (CTC) staff will have directly attended twelve conferences around the country (including eight which we have hosted or co-hosted). Three of those twelve are scheduled for late October. Below is our busy itinerary for the month. If you’ll be attending any of these events, we hope…

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