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Technology has No Boundaries

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Last year in 2019 (sounds weird, huh?), the National Convergence Technology Center noticed an article in Strategy Ad Tech, a weekly online newsletter, alerting those not in information technology that the digital technology gap will impact nearly every job in the next decade. Here are two questions you should be asking yourself.  Are you tech savvy enough for your place of employment? If not, do you have a strategic plan on becoming digitally skillful in the next few years?

The article mentions how digital skills will soon outweigh tenure and experience. Yes, most of our readers are IT faculty members and IT business professionals; however, your administrators may not have considered the effect IT will have on their career or a biology professor, English professor, their staff that are not in IT. (I am a social media coordinator, and I am currently taking an IT basic course.)

Here are a few tips given by Strategy Ad Tech to encourage you to begin your digital quest:

  • Stop procrastinating and dive in– Discover tools in front of you like Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint. Request training.
  • Develop a structured plan– Consider “Learning Days,” scheduled times to learn throughout the year.
  • Look for reliable training/learning resources – Choose valuable conferences and courses, don’t waste your time with unnecessary training. Ask colleagues for suggestions.
  • Don’t stop– Continue learning because technology is evolving daily.

You can read the complete article here.

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