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Top Skills the Top Companies Want

LinkedIn recently released a list of the top companies to work for in 2017. Almost all were linked to IT in some way, whether they were an IT company, an Internet company or a company with IT needs. Over the last decade, technology has transformed almost every major company in the world. While leadership, collaboration and communication are still critical skills to hiring managers, possessing technical skills in current IT trends assist in getting noticed. Below is list of the top job skills these companies say they are looking for:

Complex issue resolution – As business evolves to migrating more to digital, HR reps say they are looking for more tech savvy individuals that can adapt. Sometimes known as the 3 D’s: Data, Digital and Disruption.1

Forward-thinking – Technology is ever-changing, so staffing for future ideas is difficult. HR managers are looking for people who have skills that are hard to define or people that can invent new skills.2 One way managers are finding this ability is to look at someone’s past success with “going with the flow of change” and “staying ahead of the curve” with earlier iterations of technology.3 Even some academic institutions find it hard to keep up with the fast pace of technology.

Tech skills – This one is basically a given. Whether the company is technology and finance or consulting and media, most HR heavyweights want the same thing: people with experience in machine learning, cyber-security, data analytics and cloud technology.4 Across the board, recruiters are looking for people with web programming, software engineering management and Java development skills. (See the chart below.)

Linkedin skills

Soft skills – Technical know-how is extremely important these days, but what seems to be rare is the combination of someone who has both technology and soft skills.5

Appetite to learn – No matter what the stage in life someone may be, if technology is always changing, then learning can never stop. Managers are looking for people who show insatiable curiosity and need to stay current.

One good thing to know is that with the Internet of Things and the fact that almost every company uses some form of technology, the market is good for new careers; there are more open jobs than workers to fill them, so there’s never been a better time to get into a technology education program.

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