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Virtual Labs: May Be Coming to a Campus Near You!

As you may know, Georgia Southern’s primary role for the National CTC is to help promote and deliver NetLab virtual labs to select Convergence College Network member schools. This NetLab system allows students to access IT labs 24 hours a day/7 days week from anywhere they can get an internet connection. They’re no longer bound to campus lab hours. For this initial rollout of the virtual labs, students will soon be able to access virtual labs for A+ or Network+. As faculty representative for Georgia Southern University, we’d like to introduce you to Chris Kadlec who is leading this project for CTC partner schools.

ChrisChris is an Associate Professor at Georgia Southern in the Information Technology Department and joined the faculty in 2007. He received his PhD from the University of Georgia from the Terry College of Business in Information Systems. He worked in IT support prior to his graduate work at the same university and at the University of Mississippi. He has worked in IT support for over twenty years and has taught in the field for over fifteen.

Chris is an advocate for students and the field of Information Technology. To help both of these, he is currently working on articulation agreements between universities and community colleges, ensuring that students can get the latest skills and the best jobs while satisfying the needs of the business community.

We’re thrilled to have Chris’s leadership on the team!

To learn more about creating your own virtual lab environment, click here.

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