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Are you using our Brown Bag videos?

We hope faculty are taking full advantage of the National Convergence Technology Center’s (CTC) library of “Brown Bag” webinars. Many of the videos are appropriate for classroom use. First launched in 2020, the Brown Bag series offers special topic presentations via bite-sized, 30-minute segments on both technical and employability topics. To date, these 16 webinars have been attended “live” by over 500 people with another 1300 views of the recordings on YouTube. This series was inspired by the CTC’s grant review panel’s request to provide more faculty professional development beyond the long-form workshop events.

Graphic of a brown lunch bag with the words "Brown Bag Webinar Series" in white printed on it.

You can access the Brown Bag playlist on YouTube here. Regular readers know that we often recap Brown Bag webinars on this weekly blog. Below are links to some of the more recent recaps.

Help Me Help You: The Art of Persuasion (Summer 2023)

An Introduction to APIs (Spring 2023)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA): A Primer (Spring 2023)

An Introduction to Jupyter Notebook and JupyterLab (Fall 2022)

Netlab Virtualization … Providing Labs Anywhere and Anytime (Fall 2022)

Quantum 101 (Fall 2022)

Essential Strategies for Successful Social Media Outreach (Fall 2022)

Lights Camera Education (Summer 2022) – strategies for successful online teaching

A Very Quick Introduction to Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains (Fall 2021)

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