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BILT (Part 2): A Business Imperative

When businesses get engaged in a local BILT (Business and Industry Leadership), we call this a “win-win” approach. In a previous post we talked about the value to education institutions partnering with local businesses as well as the rewards this presents to the students, but businesses can also find immense worth being on such a team themselves. (See the article to find out how Leadership Teams are not like Advisory Councils.)

  • Networking opportunities between business leaders, particularly smaller entrepreneurs connecting with larger corporations are made possible that might not have been without the introductions through the BILT.
  • Businesses can invest less in on-the-job training when entry-level employees have “hit-the-ground-running” skills.
  • Businesses can witness first-hand the success of your educational programs and have the opportunity to meet potential hires while they are still being trained, tapping into eager talent transitioning into the workforce.
  • Businesses have more “skin-in-the-game” rather than not being vested in long-term success.
  • Businesses are given the opportunity to tangibly “give back” to the community in a multi-generational life changing way.

All in all, BILTs serve one primary purpose: helping graduates secure jobs. Better-trained individuals equals better qualified candidates.

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  1. Corey on July 21, 2016 at 11:30 pm

    Appreciate this post. Will try iit out.

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