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InterLink job market report


Every year when students enter our programs, they want to know if there are jobs waiting at the end of the education pipeline.

One of the tools we use is a job survey report that is produced by InterLink, a nonprofit alliance of business, education and government whose purpose is to provide information about future job demand and skills and training needs.

Hot off the press comes the 2013 InterLink Labor Market Survey Report, which reflects feedback from over 1,000 employers in the North Central Texas Region, covering 16 counties.

The good news for students in the convergence/IT infrastructure field is that employers predict that there is continuing demand for these skills, and convergence has been designated as an emerging and evolving occupation.  Other related occupations on the targeted list include computer network architects, information security analysts and administrators, cloud architects and networking specialists.

There were 146 employers in the information technology/telecommunications industry who responded to the survey, and they predicted that their companies would need 1,200 new employees to fill existing or future openings. Salaries ranged from low $30,000s to over $80,000 per year.  (National Convergence Technology Center’s survey of businesses regarding entry level salaries for convergence specialists reflects an average of $48,500.)

For more information on the report, see the Targeted Occupations Brochure and the Targeted Occupations List on the InterLink website:

If you are interested in information about these careers or on any colleges in our Convergence College Network who offer certificates and degrees in convergence and IT, please explore our website:  (this blog is one of the webpages in the full website) or contact Helen Sullivan at or Mark Dempsey at .

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