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A closer look at the HI-TEC student posters

Student Posters Presenters

Student Poster Presenters Belicia Miraval A, Laurel Phillips and James Glenn at HI-TEC 2013 Conference in Austin, TX

“Student posters” are a common element of STEM conferences.  For the uninitiated, it’s a kind of science fair like what you may remember from middle school with plants on record players and celery in colored water.  But “student posters” at STEM conferences, of course, offer far more sophisticated and advanced technical thinking than the brightest 8th grader could ever muster.

The National Convergence Technology Center (CTC) sponsored three student posters at the recent HI-TEC conference in Austin, Texas.  Our three students explained a particular problem or situation, created an eye-catching poster, then stood next to the poster at a crowded reception to answer questions and discuss the poster’s contents.  HI-TEC provided slots for just ten 8-foot bulletin boards.  The CTC’s three students shared one of those boards.

We asked these three students to explain why they chose their particular poster’s topics. Click the poster’s image below to see full-size detail.

World of Clouds

Laurel Phillips is a new graduate of Collin College in Frisco, Texas.  Her poster explored the “World of Clouds.”  For the most part, Laurel chose that topic because she wanted to learn more about it.  She also wisely tried to select an area of interest that might appeal to HI TEC conference attendees and related to current trends in IT and business.


Laurel Phillip’s poster “World of Clouds”

Inter-VLAN routing using the cloud

Belicia Miraval Albornoz is a recent graduate of El Centro College in Dallas, Texas who’s now teaching some adjunct classes there.  Her poster looked at “Inter-VLAN Routing in the Cloud.”  Belicia’s aim was to demonstrate how we use services every day that are hosted by remote “cloud” servers.  Her poster examines in detail both the local topology that shows interactive communication between sites and the way Inter-VLAN routing can exploit current infrastructure and make it work as if it were several independent small networks.


Belicia Miraval A’s poster “Cisco Professional Configuration – Inter-VLAN Routing Using the Cloud”


Jim Glenn is a recent graduate of the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas.  His poster was on “True-ID.”  This topic has a long history for Jim, having its genesis in a senior capstone course in UNT’s Information Technology program.  This course asked the students to practice the entire IT engineering process from requirements to delivery to support and maintenance.  Jim worked on a team with other students, some of whom were learning about interesting IT security challenges in another class.  And so Jim’s group decided their capstone project would develop a security- and privacy-focused solution for logging onto unsecure websites from mobile devices.  This poster explains their solution, dubbed Tru-Identity.



James Glenn’s poster “TrueID: A new, secure approach to website logins”

What experiences do you have with “student posters” like this, either as a student presenter or a faculty sponsor?

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