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Keyjacking – What is it might you ask?


R key, computer keyboard

Keyjacking. What is it might you ask?

Well let me give you a clue:

“R” you a human?

Any guesses?

Go ahead, I’ll wait….

But don’t cheat and ask Google.




Give yourself a big pat on the back if you guessed the correct answer:


Here’s how it works:

From Wired magazine:
“On a compromised website, a key jacker creates a hidden dialog box asking if you want to run a downloadable file, then induces you to press R – for Run – by including the letter in a fake Captcha.”

Are there any other interesting terms you might have heard lately?

Oh, and while I’ve got you here, why not take our poll to guess the right definition for “cloud washing”. If we get enough votes for the correct answer, I’ll give everyone a virtual high-five!

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