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New Recruiting Tool for the Convergence College Network

The National Convergence Technology Center (CTC) manages a network of IT faculty and administrators from 70 community colleges and 6 four-year universities across 28 states. This group – called the Convergence College Network (CCN) – convenes regularly to share know-how. Specifically, the community trades resources, classroom tools and curriculum, and best practices. This active collaboration benefits all of the CCN member colleges by strengthening each program to make sure students graduate “workforce ready.”

An important part of the CCN’s impact is the ongoing development of seven regional hubs that are connecting high schools, community colleges, and four-year universities within these locations to boost 2+2+2 articulation pathways, leverage shared local employer expertise, and coordinate education efforts. Please see the map below. Two hub universities – the University of North Texas and Georgia Southern University – asked CTC staff to produce a short “recruiting” video to attract more four-year schools into the seven hubs.

While the CTC has created many PDF documents and PowerPoint decks over the years touting the benefits of CCN membership, this is the first video production that features on-camera presenters and B-roll background footage. It’s a big step in our evolving dissemination efforts and we’re proud to showcase it here today, see below.

We are looking for four-year universities (and two-year community colleges) to become a part of these regional hubs and plug into those communities of educators. If your IT program is near any of these seven locations, please email

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