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Top 10 Twitter BILTwednesday Quotes

The National Convergence Technology Center’s Business & Industry Leadership Team (BILT) meets quarterly to provide insight into employer workforce needs. The BILT consists of executives and technicians, from both large corporations and small companies, who understand the current state of the IT industry nationally and what skills will make graduates employable 12-36 months in the future. Keeping curriculum current with demands from the business world is obviously one of the best ways to get students jobs.

Every Wednesday, the National CTC posts on social media a bite-sized strategic suggestion on how to make the BILT work and the posts are entitled “BILTwednesday.”

Here are the top 10 Twitter BILTwednesday quotes:

1. One of your BILT meeting facilitator’s most important jobs is making sure all of the employers have a chance to share, not just the ones who are most vocal. #BILTwednesday

2. The BILT model is a win-win for everyone. Faculty know that with the BILT’s ongoing guidance, they’re teaching students the skills the job market needs. #BILTwednesday #nationalctc

3. The BILT model is a win-win for everyone. Students are first to be considered for internships and for job openings because employers are engaged with the program. #BILTwednesday

4. It’s essential that you’re BILT be driven by employer recommendations, rather than by faculty preference. Teach students what the workforce needs. #BILTwednesday

5. Always set aside ample time at your BILT meetings to allow employers to share perspective on future trends. This will help keep your program current. #BILTwednesday

6. The annual job skills vote no longer needs to be conducted with manual hand counts. Use free online survey tools to expedite the voting. Here’s the link:

7. When transitioning an advisory council to a BILT, it can help to change the name. Calling the group a BILT – emphasis on the “L” for leadership – can signal a new approach. #BILTwednesday

8. The BILT model is a win-win for everyone. Programs create a pool of engaged employers willing to support the college’s work in a number of ways. #BILTwednesday

9. As a rule, your employers should not get sidetracked by detailed discussions of course and class content. That’s not their expertise. #BILTwednesday

10. The BILT model is a win-win for everyone. Engaged employers get connected with a pipeline of workforce-ready job candidates. #BILTwednesday

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