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Top 10 Twitter BILTwednesday Quotes

The National Convergence Technology Center’s Business & Industry Leadership Team (BILT) meets quarterly to provide insight into employer workforce needs. The BILT consists of executives and technicians, from both large corporations and small companies, who understand the current state of the IT industry nationally and what skills will make graduates employable 12-36 months in the…

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Summer Working Connections 2018…a Week Later

Summer Working Connections 2018 was a success! It overflowed with IT knowledge, IT experts and IT faculty. Over ninety IT instructors from all over the US arrived ready to absorb as much information as possible within a week and return home to use what they have learned. Now that it is over, the feedback, comments…

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Bunches of bits and bytes

Everyone knows megabytes and gigabytes.  Most know terabytes.  (Old 1980s owners of Commodore 64s also know kilobytes.) But the digital world is expanding rapidly, creating massive amounts of data that need to be stored somewhere.  How do we talk about that kind of volume? Consider these data measurements: Brontobyte Exabyte Geopbyte Petabyte Yottabyte Zettabyte Can you…

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Converged infrastructure is big business

Worried about the health of convergence infrastructure? Don’t be. According to the “Converged Infrastructure Landscape Report” by Technology Business Research, the average budget for a converged infrastructure solution is $900,000. The 400 IT leaders surveyed estimate that infrastructure spending will top $3.8 billion in the next 12 months. “Adoption of converged systems is gaining momentum…

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