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Summer Working Connections 2018…a Week Later


Summer Working Connections 2018 was a success! It overflowed with IT knowledge, IT experts and IT faculty. Over ninety IT instructors from all over the US arrived ready to absorb as much information as possible within a week and return home to use what they have learned.


Now that it is over, the feedback, comments and memories are surfacing, and CTC is embracing it all to determine how to make next year even better. Here is one of the questions that we asked and the attendees’ response:

How, if at all, will this week’s in-person networking with your IT faculty peers help you and your program?

  • 90% selected “New ideas/strategies for the classroom”
  • 86 % selected “New tools and resources”
  • 69 % selected Problem-solving to resolve current challenges
  • 56 % selected “Possible collaboration on project/grant
  • 40 % selected “Avenues to pursue low-cost equipment”

Therefore, statistics illustrate that the faculty considered Working Connections beneficial and resourceful enough to be incorporated into their IT programs at their colleges. In addition to the in-depth classroom experience, Working Connections continued the dynamic learning experience with more dynamic presentations during lunch. The lunch speakers included:

  • Ann Beheler, “Google IT Support Professional – Where Does It Fit In?”
  • Elizabeth Howard and Raul Martinez, “Collin College Mobile Go Center”
  • Mercedes Adams, “The Value of Certifications in Industry”
  • Jim Boardman, “Working Connections Palo Alto Networks Discussion Topics – Cybersecurity Academy Program and Application Framework Introduction”

To appeal to both the educational and fun networking approach, the faculty also had an opportunity to express themselves by taking selfies during their breaks. They tweeted and use Instagram to post very amusing photos that were used in various competitions held during Working Connection.

Be sure to visit us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get a glimpse of all the excitement that went on. However, you had to be there to get the full experience.

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