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Next Generation National ATE Center
for Biotechnology and Life Sciences
San Francisco, Ca

Elaine Johnson
Principal Investigator (PI)
(415) 487-2470
A technician monitors reclaimed water quality at Heron’s Head Park EcoCenter in San Francisco.

Bio-Link’s website has shown a steady increase in page views and unique visits since its inception in June 2012.

Student transfers CHO cells in a City College of San Francisco class.

Growing Bio-Link Network Improves Quality of Instruction

Bio-Link’s network of community colleges reaches across 37 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia. This network has grown from 44 programs in 2011 to 105 programs today.

One of the important resources Bio-Link provides is a Curriculum Clearinghouse of instructional materials that can be accessed through The goal of the clearinghouse is to improve the quality of instruction in biotechnology programs across the
country so that students complete certificates, degree programs, and either enter employment or continue their education. Talented instructors, from diverse backgrounds across the nation, have contributed their insights and curriculum ideas, thus enriching the Bio-Link community. Uses Multimedia to Explain Biotech Careers

Bio-Link’s website offers students a place to explore what they can do with a biotech degree or certificate from a community or technical college. The website provides valuable information to students about what it is like to work in different bioscience careers and how to decode job descriptions.

The site also provides detailed information about biotechnology occupations and links to job announcements. For each occupation there is a
detailed description of the position, education and training requirements, and starting wages. The site compiles lists of biotech-related internships past and present in a format that allows students and faculty to filter internships by education level. Students can also
search for internships by date, organization, or state. Students can link to the website for an organization to find the information they will need to apply.

Videos featuring biotechnicians provide prospective students and other viewers with insights about what it is like to work in biomanufacturing, cell culture, biofuels, environmental monitoring, biopharmaceuticals, and medical devices.