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ATE Central
Supporting the ATE Community
Madison, WI

Rachel Bower
Principal Investigator (PI)

ATE Central Supports & Amplifies ATE Community Efforts

Created to support and amplify the valuable work of the National Science Foundation’s ATE community, ATE Central’s services include publications like the ATE Central Connection newsletter as well as open source software, mobile apps, and the ATE Outreach Kit. ATE Central’s archive helps ATE grantees leverage work already done, share new deliverables, and inform new audiences.

Through the ATE Central map interface, educators can discover potential collaborators in their regions and across the nation. With the ATE PI Meeting App individuals at the annual ATE Principal Investigators Conference easily access meeting-related materials and connect with other attendees via their mobile devices.

ATE Central Promotes & Preserves ATE Innovation

The ATE Central portal offers a digital showcase of the ATE program for educators, employers, and the general public. By providing a single searchable location to the full spectrum of ATE resources, ATE Central encourages cross-disciplinary learning and helps highlight the cross-disciplinary nature of ATE’s technician education and professional development programs.

Sustaining and preserving the valuable work done through the ATE program have always been of critical concern to the ATE community. To address this need, ATE Central’s sustainability workshops and webinars bring together best practices from within and beyond the ATE community. This collaborative learning environment supports ATE principal investigators’ development of effective sustainability strategies.

ATE Central’s archiving service assures that the valuable resources created under ATE funding will be accessible even after project and center funding sunsets. The newest National Science Foundation ATE Request for Proposals requires projects and centers funded after 2015 to archive their deliverables with ATE Central. As a result, educators in the future will continue to learn from and build on the diverse STEM education materials created with ATE funding.