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NBC2 | Northeast Biomanufacturing Center and Collaborative


Northeast Biomanufacturing
Center and Collaborative
Blue Bell, PA

Maggie Bryans, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator (PI)
(215) 619-7335



NBC2 Impacts Students at Hub Colleges & Beyond

Just since fall 2012, NBC2 has impacted more than 1,800 students directly; 1,187 students have enrolled in associate or applied associate degree programs or in certificate programs at NBC2 hub community colleges.

Furthermore, 200 community college instructors and high school teachers have attended NBC2 professional development activities. As a result, educators have incorporated aspects of the NBC2 biomanufacturing curriculum into their programs or integrated a new biomanufacturing course into an existing biotechnology, biology, or chemistry program. Followup surveys indicate that adding biomanufacturing curriculum improved the instruction of approximately 600 students in addition to those enrolled at NBC2
hub community colleges.

NBC2 Materials Used in Academic & Industry Settings

Materials developed by NBC2 support handson learning and theoretical understanding of biomanufacturing. The NBC2 instructional process utilizes biomanufacturing industry equipment, processes, and regulatory structure to teach about the development, production, and analysis of bioproducts.

NBC2 resources are utilized by educators at community colleges, universities, high schools, and biomanufacturers such as Genentech and AstraZeneca.

Sales of books and modules help sustain the center. These products include

  • Introduction to Biomanufacturing, 2nd Edition, textbook;
  • Biomanufacturing Laboratory Manual, brandspecific editions;
  • Biofuels Production & Analysis textbook and lab manual;
  • Pichia pastoris – HSA Core Production System module; and
  • CHO-tPA Core Production System module.

NBC2’s free materials include

  • Protein is Ca$h laboratory manual;
  • Virtual Industrial-Scale Upstream Processing module; and
  • Virtual Laboratory-Scale Downstream Processing module.