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“Through the use of ATE programs, specifically CSEC, we were able to illustrate to our employees the importance of both cyber and physical security. The classes brought an awareness to our employees that their actions are vital in helping to secure our networks.”

Edith Coen
Director of Environmental, Health, Safety & Security
SemGroup Corporation


“We are currently actively involved with two ATE centers, AMTEC and CA2VES, to advance the recruiting and development of highly skilled manufacturing and automotive technicians. The availability of a skilled workforce was one of the key considerations for BMW to locate our manufacturing plant in South Carolina. Twenty years later, it has been a key driver in our success.”

Werner Eikenbusch
Head of Talent Management
Corporate Human Resources, Americas
BMW Manufacturing Co., LLC


“Tropicana Products has a strong legacy of forging partnerships that strengthen the communities where we do business. We also have an ever-growing need for highly skilled manufacturing technicians. Our involvement with FLATE supports our desire to help build strong technical education and certification programs in communities across Florida.”

Lilian Elliot
Director of Supply Chanin Quality & Organizatioin Capability
Tropicana Products, Inc.


“I have been actively involved in the Business and Industry Leadership team for the Convergence Technology Center for over 10 years, and students graduating from that program are exceptionally prepared to secure jobs in the workforce because they have skills that business needs.”

Tu Huynh
Vice President of Infrastructure Technology Services
Comerica Bank


The NSF ATE program and its graduates from the North Seattle Community College Nanotechnology Program have been invaluable to establishing our company and developing a disruptive technology from the ground up. As the research and technology field becomes more competitive we look to fill positions with well-qualified, well-trained individuals who have a strong background in science and nanotechnology.

Leah Riley
Director of Research & Development
EnerG2 Technologies, Inc.


The National Science Foundation is not only about the technical information. It’s also about how people learn, how they comprehend, and how they are able to put it to use. And to take best practices where NSF can do the studying associated with that, and then distribute it across the broad group of the community and technical colleges, I think is invaluable for our long-term competitiveness.

Rick Stephens
Chairman of Illinois Business Roundtable