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National Research Center for Aerospace
Cape Canaveral, FL

Steve Kane
SpaceTEC® Principal Investigator (PI) & Managing Director
(321) 730-1020

SpaceTEC Certifications Put Students on Career Trajectory

Charles Schenkbecher, an Eastern Florida State College graduate, SpaceTEC® intern, and SpaceTEC Core Certified Aerospace Technician®, says, “The two years I spent in the aerospace technology program were awesome.

“The experiences I had were essential to setting me on a career path in the industry. I cannot speak highly enough of the terrific instructors in the program, as well as the staff at SpaceTEC. Their insight and knowledge of the aerospace industry were not only enlightening, but truly enriched the learning experience. At Eastern Florida State, and at SpaceTEC, I found an outstanding group of individuals that truly helped me to succeed.”

SpaceTEC Helps Veterans Transition to Civilian Workforce

As the US military reduces the active duty force, developing pathways to civilian occupations remains an important focus of SpaceTEC. The center’s programs, which have been accredited by the International Certification Accreditation Council, assist service members and veterans achieve industry-endorsed, nationally recognized credentials that smooth entry to civilian careers.

The Veterans Technical Education Connection (VetTEC®) enables veterans to find meaningful employment with living-wage jobs. Through VetTEC, the SpaceTEC National Resource Center has been working to establish partnerships in key areas at Department of Defense, Veterans Administration (VA), and educational institutions. SpaceTEC is also aligning technical military occupational specialties with SpaceTEC and CertTEC certifications.

SpaceTEC has developed a user-friendly website that will serve as a one-stop, streamlined source of information about the many resources available to active duty military, transitioning service members, and veterans. By linking to the appropriate Credentialing Opportunities Online (COOL) or VA benefits pages, the portal provides connections to college partner programs, information on preparation materials, technical training programs, and American Council on Education (ACE)
credit-by-certification. ACE grants semester hours for all SpaceTEC certifications.