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South Carolina ATE National Resource Center
Florence, SC

Elaine Craft
Principal Investigator (PI)
(843) 676-8545
Emery DeWitt
Project Manager, SCATE
(843) 676-8541
Richard Roberts
Assistant Director
(843) 676-8559
Charlotte Forrest
Project Manager, Mentor-Connect
(843) 676 8540

SC ATE Leads Improvements in Teaching & Faculty Development

Since 1995, SC ATE has been impacting student success by helping community and technical colleges expand excellence in programs, teaching, and leadership in technician education.

SC ATE’s innovative, real-world, problem-based learning (PBL) curricula improves student success in engineering and industrial technology programs.

SC ATE develops faculty through PBL Instructional Leadership Institutes and the Mentor-Connect Leadership Development and Outreach Projects.

Through, SC ATE expands its impact on student success by providing all community college faculty with alerts to free and low-cost faculty professional development programs provided by ATE centers and projects, technician education resources, and a collection of proven practices.

SC ATE Builds Nation’s Technician Education Capacity

SC ATE impacts the workforce by building the nation’s technician education capacity with solutions for issues common to all disciplines of technician education. As a flagship “go-to/return-to” resource for answers and solutions related to technician education, SC ATE encourages participation in the ATE program. Its activities support the engagement of more institutions and faculty in proactively advancing technician education to meet local and regional needs.

SC ATE stimulates on-going faculty development, as it creates and shares successful student recruitment and development strategies. The center also provides and promotes use of innovative curricula that address industry needs for technically proficient workers who work well in teams and demonstrate excellent communication, critical-thinking, and problem-solving skills.

SC ATE leverages its broad national network by serving as a dissemination partner for ATE grant-funded initiatives to spread and encourage use of additional advancements in technician education and resources developed by others. SC ATE stimulates effective knowledge transfer to help ensure the development of the next generation of STEM leaders who continue to focus on advanced technological education.