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National Center for Welding
Education and Training
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Monica Pfarr
Principal Investigator (PI)
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Welding technicians work in many industries including petro-chemical.

The number of students completing AAS Welding Technology degrees increased 113% from 2013 to 2014 at Weld-Ed's 10 partner institutions.

Weld-Ed Strengthens Welding Education Programs

Weld-Ed partner institutions have graduated more than 3,000 students. In 2014 the graduation rate increased 113% from 99 to 211. Weld-Ed has helped 10 institutions strengthen their 21 certificate, diploma, associate, bachelor, master, and PhD welding technology/engineering programs.

More than 700 welding instructors from 40 states have participated in at least one Weld-Ed professional development program. Altogether these educators have
shared what they learned with 40,000 students. The first community college Society of Women Engineers Collegiate Interest Group is now an established success at Lorain County Community College. The group hosted the Cleveland Engineering Society’s fall conference with more than 200 professionals and students in attendance.

Two-Pronged Approach Addresses Workforce Needs

Welding plays an important role in Americans’ everyday lives from bridges to highways, automobiles to pipelines. As many current welding professionals near retirement age, demand is growing for new and replacement workers. Weld-Ed’s State of the Welding Industry highlights the critical shortage the nation faces: by 2024 more than 350,000 welding professionals will be needed.

Weld-Ed is immediately impacting the workforce by increasing the number of skilled graduates who are ready to fill these openings today due to the standardization of associate degree programs using Weld-Ed’s national core curriculum model. Weld-Ed is also focused on creating a pipeline of skilled workers
to fill the jobs of tomorrow by educating faculty through its summer professional development offerings.

The Careers in Welding mobile exhibit features virtual reality welding simulators. It offers an educational experience and a wealth of career information to
prospective students, their families, and educators. The mobile exhibit, on tour for four years, has introduced more than 115,000 visitors at 65 events to the many highly technical career opportunities available in the welding industry.