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National Convergence Technology Center
Frisco, TX

Ann Beheler
Principal Investigator (PI)
(972) 377-1649

CTC-BILT Partnership Grows Convergence College Network

The National Convergence Technology Center (CTC) engages the Business and Industry Leadership Team (BILT) quarterly to co-lead the center’s work. BILT members validate job skills to steer curriculum, and the results are used by local college BILT teams to affect curricular changes. This process helps produce readily employable graduates.

Under the BILT’s leadership, CTC supports the Convergence College Network (CCN) that now numbers 46 colleges nationwide. Through this “community of practice,” the center and more mature CCN members mentor colleges across the country. Data from colleges indicate that active involvement in CCN improves enrollment numbers.

BILT Helps Produce Career-Ready Graduates

CTC’s unique BILT model has been adopted by numerous colleges both in and out of the CCN network and beyond the IT discipline. Asking IT business people to co-lead with CTC’s leaders has created a highly engaged national group that is ready and willing to support two-year college IT programs. With BILT members’ help aligning curriculum and forecasting workforce needs, CTC—in partnership with colleges nationwide—delivered the right technical skills to produce 2,508 documented program graduates in 2014.

Because the job skills analysis process informs curriculum on a regular basis, graduates are highly qualified and readily hirable. This means businesses can limit ramp-up training costs for new hires, who historically are not productive during their first months of employment.

BILT members also mentor students by providing guidance on creating portfolios, writing résumés, building interview skills, and supporting virtual internship teams. These interactions give students glimpses into real-world practices. The experience strengthens students’ employment prospects with the soft skills that employers want. Thanks to BILT involvement, graduates are hired, stay employed, and later gain promotions.